And so our story begins…

A man is homeless. Another man in another doorway. All around him go about their everyday business, self-absorbed in their own world.

Some see him, some don’t. Some care, some don’t (Not My Problem).

Emily cares.

This man didn’t just appear he came from somewhere. He has a story. He has a name.

Twelve years earlier….

It is Aleksander Rosa 13th birthday and he is given a very special gift… his Mothers guitar (My Busker Boy). Arleta is from Poland. She and her husband Oskar came to England to give their family a better life.

A boozy and fractious night in with friends (Big Night In) leads to tragedy. Alek, with his guitar is parted from his parents and finds himself in the hands of Social Services (Cold).

His new home is now in Care (Carism) and is under the management of the charismatic ‘Polski’ and his assistant, Julian. He finds relative security and a kinship with Emily whom he shares a connection and longing. With Emily, he begins to rebuild his hope (Ambition) until fate decides otherwise and sends him down a different and dark path.

Without hope and with only his guitar for company he becomes one of the ‘unseen homeless.’

Years later and now an adult, a chance meeting brings Emily and Alek back together. But the years have taken their toll on him and any hope that he once had has long since disappeared.

Can she rescue him from himself, can she overcome her own demons (Scars) and with the help of Polski and Julian, can she uncover the truth of what happened ‘that night’? (Between the Lines) (That Night)

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