The Stage is Set…

Busker, the musical is unusual in that the show doesn´t have an out and out lead. The narrative weaves together a number of story lines resulting in twelve principal parts.

The talent for the show is outstanding with a total company of over 30!

Included in this number is Edward Leigh as Adult Alek (Busker) and Charlotte McCamley as Adult Emily. Their story is central to the musical and starts when they first meet years earlier in the care home, Pineview. Playing the younger Alek and Emily are Frankie Bounds and Katy Metheringham.

It is at this time that we are first introduced to the charismatic care home manager, Polski played by David Ault and his assistant Julian played by Luke Wilby. Polski and Julian are a force for good in an environment fraught with challenges.

The back story of how Busker finds himself at Pineview is predicated by the tragic events surrounding his Mum, Arleta played by Toni Wood and his Dad, Oskar, played by Richard Upton. Caught up in the events and the unfolding story are Arleta´s and Oskar´s friends Elaine, played by Lucy Evans, Travis played by Howard Corrin, Jen played by Lucy Mizen and Chris played by Mark Rogers.

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Busker the musical opens at Harrogate Theatre on Wednesday 22nd to 25th June 2016.